May 31

Somewhere in the middle of the GoM

Today we arrived at the DWH01 site at around 0615. We did a multicore, a CTD cast, and a gravity core. I did the CTD cast, sampled the water and I helped with the gravity core. During the CTD cast, Drew, Jake, and Jason all kept telling dad jokes over the radio. I found them hilarious honestly. It'll be interesting to see the gravity core at this site because there has never been one taken here. Breakfast was amazing this morning (It was biscuits and gravy so of course it was amazing). I forgot to mention in yesterday's dispatch that Doug baked cookies last night (We love Doug for that). During transit to the next fish site, I relaxed a bit. More bets were placed on how many yellow-edged fish and tile fish that would be caught. Nobody won those bets though.  I also helped with processing the fish a little bit today. For dinner, we had really good pulled pork sandwiches, and then Doug made pie for dessert. After dinner, the fish people finished up the rest of the processing while everyone secured loose items to the boat to begin our transit back to St. Pete. We watched the sunset and now most of us have turned in for the night.  There has also been talk about playing spoons at some point.