May 24

Gulf of Mexico, location: down for the count, 1843 hours

Much has happened on deck since our last dispatch. Last night, we decided to only deploy the CTD and gravity core at the second ESC location. Since the night crew worked all day, it was impractical to work after midnight so the multicore was not deployed. However, not 4 hours after the PM crew ended their shift, much of the night crew was abruptly awoken at 0400 in order to drop another gravity core. Me personally? I was sleeping soundly in my bed, gently rocked by the rolling waves, Beach House playing in my headphones. Day crew remains undefeated. I awoke well rested at 08400 and was able to enjoy some breakfast. Although I did not see Brooks at breakfast, one can only hope that he awoke far earlier than me in an earnest attempt to enjoy his most favorite meal before returning back to bed. It was not long after I ate that a small squall set the tone for the day. Rain pelted the boat and large waves rocked it in ways many of the crew had never felt before. After the squall cleared, the CTD was launched and multicore was taken at PCB-06. It soon became obvious that many members of the crew were feeling some affects of sea sickness. The swell has only grown and the galley became unbearable to many. Dinner was quiet, not well attended, and short as many found it comfier outside. We have one last site before returning home. Although, the journey back will bring suboptimal weather patterns and rough sleeping conditions. Despite all this, I do believe morale is high, the future is bright, and us 11 college students might just survive these long, hot, and muddy two days at sea. 


(Aidan is sleeping)

Morning crew putting in work (as I slept soundly in my bed)