May 30

Greetings little guys, 

Last night/this morning we arrived at site MV02. Max, Liam, Dan, Bekka, and I sent the multicore down around 01:00. It was dark out on the water. Liam got a little scared, but he was very brave. The five of us worked together and collected 8 long and beautiful cores and successfully transfered all of them. Because our cores were so long and perfect, we had some trouble fitting them into the freezer but we made it work eventually. It wasn't easy work, but it sure was honest. We cleaned all of the equipment and finally took much needed showers. I think we made it to bed around 04:00. Dan chose to stay up with us that entire time becuase he clearly did not want to miss out on any of the fun and we were kind enough to include him. Most of us woke up at lunch time. After about 15 minutes of being awake, Liam and I helped with a mud grab sample and I became completely covered in mud again.  At this point Eliza and Jacob had been out fishing for a long time. The cook made bratworst for lunch but I decided to have ice cream and a bagel instead.  Then some of us brought chairs up to the 01 deck and took naps and ate more ice cream while the fish people worked.  We are about an hour away from the next fishing site then we will go to DWH01 later tonight/tomorrow morning. Exciting fishing updates to come! (probably). 

Peace & blessings,


A picture of me to prove my parents that I'm still alive. (hi mom and dad)

Hello everyone!

Night shift started at around 0000, almost right after we were finished watching Buckaroo Bonzai. Me and Drew sent the CTD down once again, and all of the bottles triggered this time! I was the one who got to the winch operator this time, which was a little nerve wracking. After it came back up, I took samples and then made my way over to help with the multicore. Liam and Kate showed me how to process and transfer the cores, and after that I got to work. We all ended up going to bed at around 0400. Most of us woke back up at around lunch time. The fish crew had caught a swordfish while we were asleep and we had that for dinner. Most of us set up chairs on the 01 deck while we were in transit to the next fishing site. I read my book for a little bit then took a nap (along with everyone else), and also hit up the ice cream freezer. When we reached the fishing site, Liam took all of our bets on how many red snapper that would be pulled in. Me, Kate, Liam, and Max went up to the 01 deck to see the fish being pulled in. Many sharks were pulled up and the fishing line ended up snapping when this one big sandbar shark (at least that's what I think they said it was) was caught.  We went to the other side of the line and the fishing continued. Two hammerhead sharks were caught at this site (they are my favorite), and the final total for red snapper was 32. Liam and Caitlin had won the bet.