May 28 - Leg 2


Finally woke myself up to watch the sunrise and have Doug's famous breakfast everyone has been raving about (the bar has been set, high expectations for Eckerd Cafeteria to step up). After 2 days of trying and sleeping through every alarm, I finally got to see the sunrise, and it was 100% worth it. As we approached the mouth of Pensacola the sunrise was peaking just over the city silhouette, which was a very rewarding sight to see as our time on the ship comes to a close. On another note, In our last few hours on the Weatherbird as we were at the dock, I quickly realized I get more sick on land then on boat...

1005 May 28th


Today I was awoken by Celeste (thank god, because otherwise I would've missed my final meal from Doug). Of course, I only slept about 4 hours (from 0330 to 0700). Oddly enough, I don't feel tired today at all, in spite of the lack of sleep. I think it's probably because last night wasn't as strenuous (both with the tasks we completed as night crew and due to the calm seas). After we ate breakfast, Celeste, Casper, and I went off the boat  into Pensacola to achieve coffee. We stopped at a cute little coffee shop called Buzzed Coffee, and I got a latte called "white sands," which was delicious. Getting off the boat was strange, also, because we all had sea legs and were used to walking on a moving target (especially after the chaotic weather of the previous days).  It was a soft end to a wild adventure, and though a little sad, I'm glad to go home and wash my--very--muddy and seawater-y shoes and socks. 

1416 May 28th