May 28 - Leg 3

Heading to SW01

This morning started bright and early with the van leaving at 0330 to head up to Pensacola. I wasn't awake for most of the van ride, which made it go by pretty fast. We did make a pit stop at Dunkin for breakfast. We arrived at around 1100 to begin boarding the Weatherbird. It didn't hit me until we actually got our room assignments that I was actually going out to sea. After leg 2 left the boat, we started off by tying some fish hooks. I wasn't very good at it (I only managed to tie one). The clips at the other end of the line were a bit easier. Once we were done tying hooks and clips, we had a delicious lunch (Thanks Doug!) and started playing a game of BS followed by some card tricks. At around 1300, the boat left the docks and we started heading out to our first site. Most of us ended up at the bow of the ship at some point with some ice cream and watched as we left the port. Today was mainly relaxing and getting used to being on ship since the transit to SW01 is long. I ended up taking a nap before and after dinner. The rocking of the ship is just so peaceful that it put me right to sleep. Probably was the best sleep that I have gotten in my life. By the time I had woken up, the sun had mostly set, but there was still some orange and pink scattered throughout the sky. Me and my crewmates ended off the night by watching a movie in the Galley and then going out for a few minutes to see if we could see the stars (we couldn't really see anything tonight). The sediment trap is being deployed tomorrow when we arrive at the site. I really like being out of sea and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!