May 23

Gulf of Mexico, location unknown, 1753 hours

The day started off cool with a wonderful sunrise. Only a few of us were awake to see it as many were too worn out from the day before. Eventually, the rest of us finally awoke and got breakfast. One can remember the small and quiet conversation being had like Brooks stating to his colleague, "This is my favorite meal on a cruise." What a joyful meal indeed.  We promptly arrived at ESC-1 at around 0800. At this point, the temperature on the deck began to rise, and many of us crew began to snack on various ice creams to stay cool. The CTD was deployed and descended to 1500m. Even though the pH meter was allegedly removed, changes in the pink pH line occurred on the monitor as the equipment descended. Through communication between the deck and lab, 10 out of the 12 Niskin bottles were successfully closed at 1500, 1000, and 500m. As the water was being processed in the buckets, the multicore was armed and deployed. Students sat, others read, and some even slept precariously close to the screeching winch (jackson). Lunch was served shortly after 1200. It was bratwurst. The multicore was nearing the surface, and the tension was high as all on board were wondering whether or not the device had made a successful collection  at such a deep depth of 3200m. Joy struck the crew, and jaws dropped as the multicore surfaced with all 8 tubes carrying that good ol' quality GoM mud. The crew began processing the cores with some initial issues, but eventually overcoming them. The teams split as the cores were being processed, and Brooks led a team to prepare for revenge against a game of lawn darts he lost when he was 8 (the gravity core). The inconceivably heavy gravity core was heaved by the winch and A frame, and a hush fell over the students as it hung over the deep ocean, ready to be dropped at twice the speed of the multicore. After it plunged below the surface, the students nodded solemnly to themselves. We all knew what was next. Ice cream. After many games of cards, the gravity core surfaced with a nice long cold core. Brooks demanded various sharp objects be handed to him immediately, as Gabe worked on the core stopper with a crescent wrench the size of a large toddler. Sediment was successfully collected and fastened on the starboard side of the ship. The ship began its next transect and shortly began approaching a squall. Some students stood at the bow like true sailors without care of the impeding rain. Despite the harsh heat and incoming storm, there was no doubt in the crew's mind that on this day, the 23rd of May in the year two thousand and twenty three, science had won. 

-Jimmy & Aidan

Professor Brooks at dawn contemplating if he had brought enough Everything Seasoning to last all of his breakfasts, his favorite meal on a cruise.