May 29

At SW01

Rise and Shine was at 650 so I could make it to breakfast. Before I went up though, I was thinking about how good french toast would be for breakfast, and to my surprise when I went down we had french toast for breakfast! It was willed into existence by dreams alone. A butter war was also declared this morning by Bekka when Sheryl threw a square of butter at her. Though Steve was the one who started it by throwing/giving out these slabs of butter thinking they were chocolate. Shortly after breakfast we reached the SW01 site. The first thing that was done was retrieving the sediment trap. Everyone was posted round the ship keeping their eyes out for the prize. None of the students seen the buoys pop up first, it was either Eric or Jake who saw them. Though after winning some rock, paper, scissors, I would have gotten to do the quick release when we redeployed it, but we just pushed the weight over the edge instead of doing a quick release. I did a lot of different types of water sampling today as well. Me and Dan did a radioisotope filtration, and then I did two CTD casts ( I can confidently say that I am basically a CTD expert now). Each  CTD cast had different sampling methods, which were cool to do. A gravity core and a multicore were also sent down. I. got to help with the gravity a little bit, but I was busy sampling water when the first multicore was being done. I also tied a few fish hooks when waiting. For dinner tonight we had prime rib, which was delicious. After dinner, a few things with the multicore were finished up and then we were in transit to MV02 (This site marked the start of night and day shfts). I was able to read a bit, watch the sunset, and witness Jake and Drew fishing. Soon after me and my crewmates went inside and Bekka had us watch Buckaroo Bonzai in the galley. There were six of us to start with, and by the end five remained with one of us being asleep. Oh, and the ice cream freezer is like my best friend (when will I have another time when there is a freezer full of ice cream at my disposal).