S-A-S 2023

Scientist At Sea

Resurrection of the Mud & Blood 

SAS 2023 Cruise - Leg 3

University of South Florida, College of Marine Science - Collaborators....especially the fishy side


Florida Institute of Oceanography - our host and Collaborator on the R/V Weatherbird II!


SAS 2023 Cruise - Leg 2

SAS 2023 Cruise - Leg 1

Photo R. Larson

Photo R. Larson

Gabe Mopps (Peer Mentor), Ariana Cory, and Sasha Gitler filtering seawater for radioisotopes (Photo: R. Larson)

Departure from FIO in St. Petersburg, FL. Heading due west into the Gulf of Mexico for Sediment core sampling and water sampling.  Meeting "Leg" 2 in Pensacola (Photo: R. Larson)